Week 2: Bringing the Ocean to an Arctic Tundra

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The first week of January has been extremely cold in Minnesota.  So cold on New Year's day that it was actually colder here than in Antarctica. What alternate universe is this? 

Actual image of me walking outside in Minnesota.

Actual image of me walking outside in Minnesota.

Despite the cold, the first week of January has come and gone and I've successfully painted an object each day for this challenge!  Some more successful than others... here is a recap of this week's painting prompts. 

January 1st prompt - Champagne Bottle

After a rough start to the day after the previous nights festivities... ahem. I managed to roll out of bed and into my studio at 5pm.  When I realized that my first prompt was alcohol related my brain screamed "I NEVER WANT TO SEE BOOZE AGAIN!" and I mustered up the courage to paint what was my greatest enemy at that moment. 

Hot pink chapagne anyone? 

Hot pink chapagne anyone? 

January 2nd prompt - Champagne Glass

I guess I'm a masochistic person, because I chose another booze related object for the day after a wicked hangover. Thankfully pizza had my back and I diligently painted this glass. The first one did NOT turn out how I envisioned at all, so it took a vacation to the garbage bin and I choose to paint a second one instead. 

Display model only.  Unless you like acrylic paint in your bubbly.

Display model only.  Unless you like acrylic paint in your bubbly.

January 3rd prompt - Grapes

I have a confession to make.  I don't like grapes very much.  I also don't like strawberries much either... but that's a topic for another day.  But one thing I do love is painting grapes.  It's oddly satisfying and the paint sticks surprisingly well to those disgusting little juice sacks.  I guess they're not THAT bad. 

Now I would eat these grapes. 

Now I would eat these grapes. 

January 4th prompt - Pomegranate

Now this is a fruit that I might hate after this challenge.  I wanted to cut it open and paint the inside as well as the outside, but as soon as I made the first cut I saw that something was horribly wrong.... the juice inside was completely black.  I took a peak inside and sure enough the seeds were completely rotten. It was like a horror movie where food turns moldy right in front of your eyes.  Now I have a new phobia, thanks Target pomegranates. 

The inside is a portal to hell... 

The inside is a portal to hell... 

January 5th prompt - Dahlia flower

After the absolute horror the day before I was ready to paint something pleasant.  I bought some inexpensive artificial flowers on Amazon, which are a surprisingly good quality to paint on.  I may paint more and make a flower crown for a druid cosplay! 

Blue dahlia should exist! 

Blue dahlia should exist! 

January 6th prompt - Daffodil

This was my favorite out of the entire week, I also got these artificial daffodils from Michael's crafts (aka my second home... seriously employees know me by name now).  I enjoyed how these looked so much that I will probably paint more and create a funky vase arrangement with them. 

Pop art daffodil

Pop art daffodil

 Oh... you're only here for the prompts for next week... ok ok, calm down.  Here they are! 

January 7th-13th prompts for week 2 of 365 days of color

  • January 7th - Whale
  • January 8th - Seashell
  • January 9th - Starfish
  • January 10th - Tiny Fish toys
  • January 11th - Message in a Bottle
  • January 12th - Shark
  • January 13th - Seahorse

This week's theme is OCEAN, bringing the ocean vibes into this Minnesota Tundra. You know what, I've never swam in the ocean... I need to remedy this. 

If you want to follow along with this challenge and do a few days yourself, feel free!  I'll share anyone's art that does participate.  Just send me a message on here or on my Instagram page.

I'll post each day on my Instagram, @lifeofapaintbrush, so follow along, like and comment on what future themes you would like to see!

Stay creative!


Products used for this challenge:

Acrylic paints

Color shift paint - aka magical paints! 


2018 is Almost Here!


Actual manifestation of me dominating 2018.

Actual manifestation of me dominating 2018.

2017 was quite a ride.  It seemed like 5 different years all rolled into one, but I'm thankful for everything that occurred and the path it has lead me on.  Now that we are on the cusp of 2018 it's time to start planning!

One of my man goals for 2018 is to complete my 365 days of color challenge (see this blog post for all that info fun).  I'll make a blog post every Sunday that lists each object that I will paint on.  This way if anyone wants to join my challenge or anyone that just wants a creative drawing prompt can use this list as well.  

If you do want to be a part of this challeng-- I want to see what you create! Comment below on the blog post each week!! Let me know how your creative journey is going! Every Saturday I will also post a blog with a recap of each week and feature art of anyone else doing this challenge. 

A majority of what I will make each day will be up on my Instagram feed @lifeofapaintbrush (click the cute Instagram camera in the lower right hand corner for a direct link too).

*Queue trumpet music* Painting prompts for January 1st-Jan 6th

  • January 1st - Champagne Bottle
  • January 2nd - Champagne Glass
  • January 3rd - Grapes
  • January 4th - Pomegrante
  • January 5th - Dahlia (flower)
  • January 6th - Daffodil 

The reason I chose these objects are because they all represent either the New Year or new beginnings.  Grapes and Pomegranates are foods eaten around the new year to gain prosperity.  Dahlias and Daffodils symbolize a fresh start and new life.

So what do you guys think?  Let's crack a bottle over the head of 2018 and dominate with our creativity!  Ok... maybe don't actually crack a bottle over anyone's head. 

Go out there, create and be confident!  See you next year! ;)